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3 Kind of Motorcycle Yamaha Cruiser

The Yamaha cruisers provide comfort and stability through their rigid seat design; they're also easy to ride due to their automatic brakes.

All cruisers have a handbrake lever conveniently located on the left grip for easy parking. Each model has a rear carrier for carrying items such as bags or children.

The bar height can be adjusted to suit various riders by adding or removing extensions.

Additionally, all cruisers come with front and rear lights for safe riding at night.

3 Models of Cruiser

The Yamaha cruiser line consists of three models: the C Cruiser, the C115, and the V115. All three models have one common feature- they're all foldable.

The V115 is the most expensive model in the line and it has a solid steel frame and a chromed steel finish.

The C115 is the least expensive model in the line and it has a chromed finish, a deluxe seat, and coaster brakes.

The C Cruiser is the next least expensive model in the line and it has an aluminum finish, a padded seat, and hand brakes.

All cruisers have a front basket for carrying items and riders can switch out baskets to fit different needs.

All cruisers are also equipped with Foot Brakes to allow riders to stop with ease.

3 Styles of Cruiser

The Yamaha cruiser line consists of three different styles: the urban style, city style, and beach style.

The urban style has a double-handbreaka r lever for two riders at once on narrow streets while the city style resembles an urban but with single-handbreaka r levers for one rider only.

Lastly, the beach style resembles a cruiser with extended handlebars; however, it has no foot brakes so riders must walk along beaches instead.

Basically, Yamaha's cruisers are ideal for both recreation and transportation purposes because of their high performance specifications.

They provide comfort through their rigid seats and easy operation due to their safety features- all this makes them ideal for both short errands and leisurely rides away from home.

Yamaha is a Japanese company that makes electronic musical instruments and home audio systems. They have a wide selection of products that are sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

Their products are known for their high quality and durability. The Yamaha cruiser line is their line of three lightweight, folding bicycles.

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